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I’ve been looking for a new 88 Key master controller for the studio for some time. I have had a Roland Fantom G8 for many years, but am finding that I can’t justify owning it when I only use a fraction of it’s potential. As a composer/songwriter, the keys are the most important thing for me. The Roland shines here, but it is made to be a LIVE instrument, and frankly, I don’t need it for that. With that said, my Roland is now for sale (SOLD).

A year ago, I took a stab at the Native Instruments S88 hoping that it would blow me away. While it was certainly kicked butt in the integration with Kontakt, the keybed (FATAR TP100) was a major oversight on NI’s part for this instrument. After only a couple days, I returned the unit.

After doing a lot of research and hunting I finally placed an order for the Studiologic SL88 Grand to replace the Roland. Studiologic (the finished instrument division of FATAR) has been around for many years. In fact, my very first full 88 key keyboard was the Fatar Studio 90. They have put out some of the best controllers on the market and incorporate the best keybeds around – most notably the Fatar TP40/WOOD (which the SL88 uses). If people like Hanz Zimmer use the TP40 keybed (he uses the Doepfer LMK4+ with the TP40), I’m thinking I’m going to be in good company with this new unit.

Once I get the unit and put it through its paces, I’ll be sure to post a full review here.

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