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Chosen By God | By R.C. Sproul


My wife and I for the past month have been tip-toeing through this book while having our minds melted with each chapter we finish. To be honest, this is a book that I would never have considered reading just a few years ago just as we began to sense a migration of our theology. In fact, the Bible college attached to the association of churches we both spent three decades in regularly used RC Sproul for their church history courses - but even then, the teachers often would caution students against using Sproul's teaching materials for anything else.

And yet here we are.

The subjects of predestination (the general term for God’s sovereign ordaining), election (the specific term for God choosing us in Christ before the foundation of the world) and God's sovereignty are regularly blowing our minds these days. We're noobs within the "doctrines of grace" world compared to some of ya'll, but we are drinking deep and growing. It's as if a bunch of puzzle pieces had been scattered on the table for the past few decades, but now the foundational pieces are starting to come together in quick succession revealing a clearer picture to us. Phrases like "how did we not SEE this before?" are not uncommon in our home these days.

So while most of you likely have read this book already (if you haven't you should), we're new to it - and we're so thankful for it. It has helped us tremendously as we navigate through our ongoing theological migration process.

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