A New Work
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This morning at Calvary Monroe, we informed the congregation of a change that will be coming this spring for both the church and for my family. Here are the current details behind that announcement.

Some context.

This past September I asked my fellow elders at Calvary Monroe to ...

Resignation Letter
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Below is my resignation letter that I sent to the elders at Calvary Monroe informing them of my decision to step down as a pastor/elder. This letter preceeded our mutual announcement to the congregation. I’m sharing this letter as a testimony ...

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This is a heavily abbreviated version of the letter I originally penned to my fellow elders at Calvary Monroe. The congregation received this version. If you know me personally and would like a copy of the original full length letter, please get in touch. I'd be happy to share it as a resource ...

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I was really excited to get this unit and waited a month for it to come back in stock. I had read some really great reviews on the new Komplete Kontrol/NKS system (I use numerous supported VSTs), the light guided keys, etc. However, the one review I could not find a solid answer on was the keybed, thus my review ...

Sacred Privilege III
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In my last post, I talked about the vital importance of always pointing our families to Jesus. Too often today I see families suffering because one or both spouses/parents are disturbingly unbalanced in the area of family & ministry – when ...

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